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Nirsham is the best way to build powerful forms and track submissions

Great for synagogues, churches, clubs and other organizations that want to easily draw people together at events.

No installing or configuring. It lives in the cloud!

Create quickly using form templates

Create unlimited forms with unlimited fields

Email notifications keep you up-to-date

Flexible payment options: Allow users to pay online, pay later, and more.

Reports and statistics. See who paid, who still owes and who's coming

Simple flat pricing structure with NO per-submission fees

Strong password and payment security. User management.

Easy Form Setup

Get started in just moments with the form builder - no need to install anything

No Installing,
No Configuring,
No Hassle

Your forms will be hosted by us; you don't need to install or configure any software and you can access Nirsham from a browser from anywhere, 24x7. If your want, all your forms will automatically match the design of your website.

Duplicate easily with templates

Because of form templates, you only need to craft a form one time, and then use it as a template for future forms. When creating a new form, simply set dates, prices, verbs, and payment options. You can even add special fields for just this form, or hide fields from the form template.

See how easily it's done

Powerful Form Options

Create unlimited forms with unlimited fields with a variety of types

  • Create any number of any kind of field - NO LIMITS
  • Include a captcha to prevent spam submissions
  • For events, take some main information from the person filling out the form, and then have a set of fields that is asked of each participant/attendee, duplicated as many times as you'd like.

Kinds of fields:

  • Single line of text
  • Multiple lines of text
  • Select/dropdown fields
  • Radio buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • File uploads
  • Discount codes
  • Fields that add to the final cost of the form
  • Conditional fields (fields that show up based on answers to other fields)

Collect Money

Nirsham makes it easy and secure for you to collect payments on-line


Nirsham integrates with multiple secure on-line payment gateways including Paypal and

Payment Options

You can collect money with any form and choose which options to offer registrants:

  • Pay on-line all at once while ing
  • Pay offline either later or by check
  • Pay you an initial deposit on-line
  • Pay you in installments

Add Payment

Keep track of who has done what, and:

  • Enter manual payments after a person pays by check or cash
  • View each person's payment history, and see who still owes money with financial tracking

Add Discount

Offer discount codes

  • For any amount of a discount
  • Apply discounts after a person has already ed.

Reports & Stats

See who has ed, who needs to pay, and more. Make changes, too.

Log in anytime to see how many people have filled out your form and paid

Download all or some of your data to excel (using the universal CSV format)

Run reports on which people answered a certain question in a certain way

View the payment reconciliation page to get a summary on who still owes

Re-send confirmation emails

Remove people who called to say they want to cancel

See how it's done! Watch the video.

Email Communication

Constant communication and instant updates to you and registrants through email

When are emails sent and to whom?

  • Email confirmations are sent to people who fill out the form
  • Email notifications are sent to you every time someone s
  • Send payment reminder emails to anyone who is unpaid

What are the email options?

  • Customize confirmation emails to include additional information for-registrants-only
  • You can even use your own email account and have a datalog in GMail of all sent mails.


We take your and your registrants' security very seriously

Data Security

Password security - We store our passwords as unreversible salted SHAs. Even we can't read your password!

Payment security - We never save credit card information in our databases, instead partnering with the secure payment processor of your choice (, PayPal, etc)

User Accounts

Create an unlimited number of user accounts for you and your staff so there's no need to share passwords.

There are different roles available (Form Viewers, Form Editors, Form Admins)


Yes, I love Nirsham. Has made my life incredibly easier.

Rabbi Judith Hauptman, Ohel Ayalah

We are so excited about the potential that Nirsham has for our organization, and it has proven to be extremely useful in so many ways already. Its report process saves time by eliminating the need to create a spreadsheet of event attendees. It saves processing of checks, hence more productive time in the office. And our congregants are finding it a great and expeditious way to and pay for events all at once.

Deb Collins, Beth Jacob Congregation

AJR is thrilled with Nirsham because it is a user-friendly system for all of our school's registrations... programs, fund raisers, conferences, semester registrations & more! We capture all of the important info at once, then print out a report. We save time on organizing & data entry. Staff can access & keep track of info 24/7. The help & support is fantastic too. Your office manager will love Nirsham, ours does!

Suli A. Fassler, Director of Administration, Academy for Jewish Religion

Choose your package

We offer a simple flat-pricing structure. All of our features are unlimited! No per person/registration/form/transaction charges. You simply pay your flat fee monthly or yearly and that's it.


$40 / month*

  • Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited registrants
  • Take payments online
  • Optional:
    • Skinned to match your website+

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$70 / month*

  • Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited registrants
  • Take payments online
  • Advanced features:
    • Edit already-submitted data
    • Add CAPTCHA to forms
    • Offer discount codes
  • Optional:
    • Skinned to match your website+

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$100 / month*

  • Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited registrants
  • Take payments online
  • Advanced features:
    • Edit already-submitted data
    • Add CAPTCHA to forms
    • Offer discount codes
  • Accounts receivable features:
    • Accept payments in installments
    • Accept additional online payments after registration
    • Manage registrant payment history
    • And more
  • Optional:
    • Skinned to match your website+

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* Price if paid yearly. If not paying yearly, add $10/month

+ One-time additional fee

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